Meet the authors of the first book to confront the pervasive truth that we no longer live in our parents’ world of traditional marriage!

Gemma Allen

Gemma Allen: View from the Bar

Gemma Allen is a prominent Chicago divorce attorney and a partner in Ladden & Allen, Chartered, who litigates the dissolution of relationships that might have been saved if the parties had earlier addressed the dollars and “sense and sensibility” issues. She is a contributor to legal journals on the subject of matrimonial law, a frequent television guest expert on relationship issues, and the sponsor/facilitator for an ongoing think tank on doing both marriages and divorce in better ways.

Judge Michele Lowrance

Michele Lowrance: View from the Bench

Michele Lowrance is a longtime divorce court judge and author of The Good Karma Divorce who recently joined the mediation firm, JAMS. She has been featured in a television series on couples’ mediation. As a judge, she presided over thousands of marital breakups. Now, as a professional domestic relations mediator, she works with divorcing couples—and those creating prenuptial agreements.

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Terry Savage

Terry Savage: View from the Bottom Line

Terry Savage is a nationally syndicated financial columnist, and the author of The Savage Truth on Money, The Savage Number, and several other best-selling financial planning books. She is often on CNN and other national television and radio programs, commenting on the markets and the economy and advising people on how to make smart money decisions that will provide long-term financial security.

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