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June 5th

Terry on School For Startups Radio

Terry Savage has just released a new book for the practical lover in all of us entrepreneurs. The New Love Deal explains her practical advice for anyone getting married. Terry and host Jim Beach have a WILD conversation about Jim’s divorce, and Terry gets after him for his continuing mistakes.

Hear more from Terry and join Jim Beach on Liberty Express Radio weekdays at 8:00PM EST.

Terry writes for the Huffington Post, is a Board Member at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, is a Founding Member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, is a Former Board Member of McDonald’s Corporation, is a Former Board Member of Pennzoil-Quaker State, and has Two Television Emmy Awards! Wow, oh and a National Press Club Award for Outstanding Consumer Journalism. WOW!

June 4th

Gemma Allen on First Business

Gemma Allen joins Angela Miles to discuss The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In or Moving On which gives financial advice for all kinds of couples.

June 4th

Terry Savage discusses The New Love Deal with Steve Pomeranz

Listen as Terry Savage goes “On The Money!” with Steve Pomeranz:

June 4th

Today’s Chicago Woman: What You Need to Know Before You Commit

As June’s sorority of brides takes their walk down the aisle, no detail has been overlooked: They’ve planned the perfect wedding, but have they planned for marriage? How will the couples handle finances, raise their children and deal with meddling in-laws? A serious discussion – and a prenup – might be a better guarantee for happiness.

And what about those couples opting out of marriage altogether, as part of 51 million U.S. households are now headed by unmarried couples? Undoubtedly relationships have become more complex. Luckily three local, impressively credentialed women have collaborated to create
a guide that every couple needs. The New Love Deal provides solid advice on “everything you must know before marrying, moving in or moving on” from three distinct perspectives: divorce attorney Gemma
Allen from The Bar, retired domestic relations judge Michele Lowrance from The Bench, and consumer financial expert Terry Savage from The
Bottom Line. These women not only speak from their professional knowledge, each has also been divorced.

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May 26th

WGN Radio: Family law, marriage and relationships

Attorney Gemma Allen of Ladden & Allen Chartered Family Law talks with WGN Radio’s Bill Moller about the evolving state of marriages, relationships, and divorce, and what legal pitfalls exist for couples today. These topics are explored in depth in the book, The New Love Deal, by Allen, Terry Savage, and Michele Lowrance.

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May 25th

Fidelity: Financial questions to settle before you get married

There are only two kinds of people in this world, spenders and savers, and for better or worse they tend to marry each other.

So says longtime financial writer Terry Savage, who has co-written a new book on how to discuss and negotiate key money issues with your spouse-to-be, to give your relationship the best chance for success (“The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On!”)

While you probably can’t change your mate’s basic money personality, you can avoid arguments and hidden resentments by talking honestly about your finances and putting certain plans in place before you head down the aisle. With wedding season around the corner, here’s an Investing Basics checklist for people about to tie the knot:

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May 18th

Chicago Tribune – ‘The New Love Deal’: Love, marriage and prenups

3 Chicagoans go beyond the prenup, explain what you need to know before moving in, marrying

By Melissa Harris
Chicago Confidential
May 18, 2014

Three prominent Chicagoans — divorce attorney Gemma Allen, retired Cook County Domestic Relations Court Judge Michele Lowrance, and financial expert and columnist Terry Savage — have a combined three books and four divorces to their names.

And that’s why the friends’ first joint effort, “The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In or Moving On,” does not mince words.

Get it in writing, they advise couples-to-be. And yes, that means a prenup, although all three said the stereotypical reason for having one — a young bride wedding a rich, older man — no longer applies. (They’ve all witnessed a surge in cases in which stay-at-home dads could have benefited from one.)

But the book is about more than legalities. Allen, Lowrance and Savage walk couples through discussions about needs, money, what to do before moving in together and what to expect in court.

These conversations matter because, in a joint interview Thursday in the conference room of Allen’s law firm, Lowrance and Allen acknowledged never having prenups of their own. And Allen said the only point of disagreement in writing the book was how much emphasis to place on them.

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May 15th

Authors Talk Love and Money

On WGN this morning, financial analyst Terry Savage joined Gemma Allen and Michele Lowrance, authors of The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know before Marrying, Moving In or Moving On, to talk about the top of your wedding to-do list. For starters, you should have a frank talk about money and how each of you handle it.

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