View From The Bar

Are you planning on getting married?  This book can help with questions that may, and should arise before the big day.

To discuss a prenup, you have to talk about divorce – and no one likes to do that. Michele Lowrance weighs in.

Who really is the father of a child born to cohabiting partners who utilized one of the sophisticated techniques available to artificially inseminate the mother? What if the sperm donor is the unmarried partner? What if the sperm donor is a third party friend to both of them? What if the sperm donor is a former partner who has become “just a friend?” What if the sperm donor is, in fact, a stranger who was promised anonymity and never wanted to be a father at all?

The laws against same sex marriage are falling like dominoes. Current policy polls find that Americans by and large either support same sex marriage or at the very least would not oppose a candidate for political office just because he or she supported those of the same sex who wanted to marry. We have come […]