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I’m 32. A couple years ago I purchased a timeshare and now I feel it was a really bad decision cause I haven’t used it. When I did purchase it my boyfriend at the time was supposed to pay half but we are currently not together and I’ve been making the payments on my own since he hasn’t given me money for it. Part of me wants to stop paying for it, but I’m afraid of ruining my credit. I’ve always paid my bills on time and what I’m wondering is if I did stop paying for it how much would it affect my credit? I’m just really not liking the fact I’m paying for something that I’m not using it seems like a waste. I even talked to the people that sold me the time share but they said it needs to be paid off in order to sell it. Any advise that you may have would be great.

Terry Savage answers “Ex-boyfriend isn’t paying his portion of timeshare”

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My boyfriend spends ALL his money. I mean all of it! He has a good job – but he buys expensive clothes, and insists we go to the “best” restaurants, and he buys me presents. My friends say I shouldn’t complain and that I should be happy – but it really worries me. What do you think?

Terry Savage answers “My boyfriend spends ALL his money!”

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I have been living with a man 8 years older (65) than myself without an agreement. His plans are to retire next April and needs to relocate to his house up north (as he is underwater with it) and sell the place here. He would like me to move with him however I still need to work as no provisions have been made to the contrary – how should I handle? The job market/wages are much lower if I were to move and work. If all else fails I suppose I could simply visit on weekends as he would only be three hours away. What are your thoughts?

Gemma Allen and Terry Savage weigh in on “He needs to move after retiring. I don’t know if I can. What should I do?”

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My fiancee’s parents keep saying we should have a prenup. But we think it’s silly. We both have student loans. And he is using most of his savings to help pay for our wedding and honeymoon trip. There isn’t much to put in a prenup. What should we be saying to his parents?

Terry Savage answers “Are Prenups Silly?”

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We are a same sex couple and have been living together in Illinois for the past 9 years. Now we can legally get married. We aren’t going to change our names, and we already own our condo in joint name. Do we have to change the title, or tell the mortgage company?

Gemma Allen answers “Do I have to change title after marriage?”

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We live together in California, which is a community property state. I have owned this house for 5 years. If we marry does half automatically become hers, even if the title stays in my name?

Gemma Allen answers “Does Marriage Automatically Equal Half in a Community Property State?”

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If I have a legal prenup, can a judge in divorce court change any of the provisions?

Judge Michele Lowrance answers “Can a Judge Change a Prenup?”

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