My daughter has been dating steadily and is considering marrying or possibly living with her boyfriend. She is near college graduation with great work prospects, while he has not finished school and is not working. When I brought up the subject of a financial agreement, he walked away and she gave me sad eyes. What do I do?

Answer: At the risk of sounding too commercial, this is EXACTLY the reason we wrote The New Love Deal!  Buy her a book on or download it to her Kindle!  We certainly understand your concern.  The situation is obvious to all but your daughter.  That’s why they say that “love is blind.”  Your only mistake was in not discussing this with her privately as opposed to bringing it up to him.  (Though in my family, everyone expects me to say something like that to any young couple in the room!!)

In the book  we talk about sitting down at a computer together and each going to to get your own credit report.  Then exchange them.  I’m betting that if your daughter and her boyfriend do this, it will be an eye-opener in black and white!

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