If I agree to a prenup and my circumstances change — ie if I lose my job, but have promised to pay a certain amount of support — can that be changed despite the prenup?

Savage Says: That’s why most well-drawn prenups don’t specify as simple dollar amount.  Instead they might specify a percentage of earnings or a percentage of accumulated assets.  (Same thing with your will — you don’t want to specify dollar amounts since doing so might impact the distribution of your estate to those you love.)

The idea is to come to agreement on what percentage,  if any, each of you would owe the other of your earnings.  And how your marital assets (those not set aside by virtue of the prenup) would be divided.  Keep in mind that if you make retirement contributions from earnings while married, and she does not, then depending on how your prenup is worded, your spouse might have an interest in a portion of those retirement funds as you divide things up.

Again, this is why you need attorneys well-versed in the legal aspects and obligations required in your state of residence.

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