What constitutes duress sufficient to invalidate a prenuptial agreement?  You say the “deal you make is the deal you take” in your book, but there is a high profile case in Illinois right now making headlines.  The wife of a very wealthy man says she was coerced into signing a deal just before the ceremony.  It looks like she will break the deal and get a lot of money!

The definition of “duress”  varies from state to state and even judge to judge. You must always consult local legal counsel when trying to make a decision of this magnitude which will so impact your life.  You don’t want to count on that kind of uncertainty if things don’t work out.

What is safest always when you are angry or have doubts is to either “just say no” to the too late and presumably too little proposed agreement or to say ” no” or at least “later” to the scheduled wedding. We wish you the best decision.

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