June 26th

Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage is Legal Everywhere!

Nearly 100 years after women got the right to vote, America has reached another historic milestone:  The Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage throughout the land!

That means same-sex marriages currently legal in 37 states will be recognized in ALL states.  Important financial and social benefits will accrue to same-sex couples everywhere– including Social Security survivors benefits, spousal benefits in estate planning, the ability to adopt children in all states,  and many more areas.

The authors of The New Love Deal welcome this clarity.  Does it change our book?  Not at all!  (Except you can skip the chapter that explains the tortuous financial planning techniques for same-sex couples in states that previously did not recognize their marriages.  for example, these couples will  no longer file a joint federal return, but separate state tax returns.)

Suddenly, ALL the advice we have for heterosexual couples about premarital agreements and cohabitation agreements and financial planning suggestions will apply equally to all couples. Celebrate the ruling, but come back to the reality that when two people agree to live together or to get married, there are a lot of important topics to discuss and a lot of plans to be made to help your arrangements proceed smoothly.

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